A Letter to Parents & Students from Iliana Konidaris

Dear parents and students,

Thank you for visiting our site! We understand how challenging it can be to call an attorney and discuss some of the most sensitive and intimate details about you or your child’s life. We often deal with clients who have faced incredible trauma related to gender-based violence. It can feel impossible to know where to start. So let’s start here, with a few words of encouragement: we believe you, and we want to hear your story – the good, the bad, and the ugly. At our firm, we work very closely with each of our clients, we take on only a handful at a time, and we think a lot about how our representation of you can be empowering and can be something you carry with you positively for years to come. Since so many of our clients are young students, we are especially mindful that the problems you face today should not follow you forever.

During the intake process, we will ask you what your goals are in working with an attorney. We will ask you follow up questions, gather relevant information and facts, and discuss next steps with you. If we can take on your case, we will send you a retainer agreement, which will form an attorney-client relationship with our firm. Because we are a small firm, we can’t take many of the cases that come our way. However, we value talking to as many students and their families as possible, because it always helps us stay closely attuned to the concerns you face. Where we are able to refer you to other attorneys or resources, we will do so, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We look forward to hearing from you!